Pricing Estimates and Plans

Ready to bring your idea to life? Contact us using the form below, and let's discuss the perfect plan for your project. Please note that all plans and pricing listed here are examples and can be customized to match your specific project scope.

Option 1: Pay in Full

This is our most straightforward payment option. You pay for the app in full, with a 50% initial payment and the remaining 50% upon project completion. Once the project is complete and you approve it, you own it. You'll be responsible for ongoing hosting and API fees. If needed, we offer service contracts to help you maintain and run your application.

Option 2: Help Me Grow

Choose this option for a smaller upfront investment, with the remaining contract amount spread over monthly payments. You'll still be responsible for hosting and API fees, and we also offer a service contract to support your application's growth and scalability.

Option 3: SAAS (Most Popular)

Our SAAS (Software As A Service) option is our most popular choice. You pay a monthly fee, requiring minimal upfront investment. We build your application to your specifications and lease you the rights to it. We cover all hosting and API fees, and our service contract is included in your monthly fee. Enjoy the convenience of using the application while we handle support and growth.

Note: Customized Options

These are standard options, and we're flexible. We're here to work with you to find the perfect mix or create a new option that aligns perfectly with your project's unique requirements.

Feel free to reach out via the form below to start a conversation about your project's pricing and explore the best options tailored to your needs. We look forward to helping you bring your idea to life!

Why Choose ML Media LLC?

End-to-end expertise

From concept to launch, we're with you every step of the way, ensuring your project's success. 

innovation meets affordability

We believe that cutting-edge technology doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. We offer cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. 

multi-platform mastery

Whether it's a mobile app, a web platform, or a SAAS solution, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life on any platform. 

collaborative approach

Your ideas matter, and we're here to listen. We work closely with you to tailor our services to your unique needs. 

global reach

Our projects have a global impact, and we're ready to take on challenges from around the world. 

Ready to embark on a digital journey that's both innovative and budget-friendly? Explore our portfolio, get in touch with our team, and let's start creating together. 

let's build the future together

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